Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Missed a day

But who cares?  Its a process, right?

My patience is wearing so thin any more.  I mean, most wouldn't notice.  I'm a pretty copacetic dude on the outside. But on the inside, man I can't even deal any more.

One thing that really gets me?  Knee jerk postmodern exception citing.  Because that's what Po-Mo is - citing exceptions.  No generalization is universal - that's the whole idea (ignoring the universality of the rule of course). Well enough.  Cool.  Great idea.  Good.

But you know what's redundant?  When someone says "Most of the time, xyz" and someone else says "Uh-uh!  Sometimes its abc!"

I think that's what most means, isn't it?  Do we really have a disagreement here?

It isn't though someone said "PoMo grad students are always and universally jerks" and so we are obligated by intellectual honesty to point out that "no - of course there are PoMo grad students who are not at all jerks and I personally met one a few years ago in a far away land who would be devastated at this gross generalization."

But if we said "Most PoMo grad students (or NaNoWriMo bloggers) are jerks." there would be no reason at all to point out an exception, right?  I mean maybe we can say "ok show me the statistics on that." to dispute the assertion of 'most' but then we'd be regressing to a modernist position and that just wouldn't be right at all because phallologocentrism etc.

On the other hand, my iPad has an electric piano app that can lock in key signatures and scale modes so I can play with little more than some basic musical and rhythmic sensibility - like I'm all Dr. John and shit.  So there is hope for life.

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